Well doc, at long last!

At long last you’re finally going to buy me a drink Judge?

At long last you docs are finally going to help out.

How, Judge?

I’m talking about Security doc, the safety of the Realm, something you doctors take for granted. We need all the help we can get these days, too many terrorists running around blowing up cities and shooting people.

But what’s that got to do with doctors ?

Exactly doc, it’s clear you’re not reading your websites, haven’t you seen the new Home Office’s counterterrorism strategy,  CONTEST!

Well I can’t say I have Judge

The Home Office believes that you doctors often get advance information, some weird guy comes to you, one of those loners bullied at school, beaten up as a kid, no friends, living with his mom, hates his life, he’s looking for someone to blame. Mad and bad as we lawyers say, so then we all have to suffer. The Home Office wants you, to use the old prison language, “to grass them up.”

You mean tell the Police?

Exactly that Doc.

So confidentiality is over?

Well, yes. In law we consider proportionality. What’s more important, saving a city or keeping a secret?

I haven’t got a legal mind. I’m just an ordinary Doc, difficult stuff this – really for the priests or the philosophers. I feel uncomfortable spying on my patients. My job used to be to heal the sick.

Basically you’ve got to come out of the ivory tower, all this patient confidentiality is nonsense when measured against the safety and wellbeing of thousands of people. If you discover some nutcase who’s going to  blow up a city you’ve got to squeal, no contest there doc. What’s more important, one man’s privacy or thousands of mutilated and dead bodies lying in the streets?

I’m uncomfortable about spying on my patients Judge

Well that’s the trouble with doctors, you feel you are outside the law, well you are not!  You chaps have got to pull your weight and recognise where your loyalties should be.

I think I better have another gin Judge…………. make it a double!


Doc Amygdala


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