(they will slay you…)
the families at the arts centres
eating ice creams
not knowing the arts their fates
yet but initiates of the arthouse
and the lucky families, the good
enter the darkroom Eleusis
at a family rate
to see their own dismemberings
as if pulled by horses
they used to chew on
in Benelux
the suburban house is see-through now
its top taken off
and they are forced out to Black Sea shops
that recognise no currencies
but the tooth and the fist
to much more questionable
even on unimaginable proteins
of unicorn or griffin
living in a Luxembourgeois
the richness too much
as children giggle
at the cultural spoils
it is not wars we die for but
the arts
to follow the europes the pianos
away from fish-coasts deer-forests
to face the music
I saw the arts invade the early settlements of Europe
and turn the families to calculus
in hatred of the gift
and of the children who made the
lifted to magic to genius
as if on criminal carts
thrown back into stadiums
where family members found
with the alpha wolf
in Grimm
thus the parents feed their children
to arts
really disappointed
but in the mirror of the cinema
the intermission
they’ll come to rivers
and see
the colourless thing itself
changed to the colourlessness
of substratum
(a grey and goldwhite crayoning)
living on
though their eyes fade
Niall McDevitt
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