The Addicted Jesus


paul butterfield


Poems from “The Addicted Jesus” by Paul Butterfield


A christian asked me “why the addicted Jesus?” i said ” because i am addicted to being a poetic prophet.”



I have been a sufferer of manic depression from I was a 17 year old boy but was not diagnosed till I was 20. When I was 17 I went through some strange experiences I couldn’t understand and I eventually cracked under the pressure of my own darkness at 19. I had a severe nervous breakdown that put me in hospital for a couple of days! From the shame I felt I decided to do something inspirational from the pain I was feeling every day of my life! I took up writing poetry and performing it not just to myself but to those that were close and afar from me. I hope that sharing my life as the bi-polar poet and writing and performing from my soul, that it will add light not just to myself but also to other sufferers like myself in mental health and the arts!

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