Life on the screen with back-up and the likelihood

of suddenly unreal time. So I put in for

a one year tour remembering this neighbourhood

like a foreign land. With crows edgy along

the roof ridge. A few of them dreaming demons

into an empty sky. Evenings they struggle to

hold on as plans fill with static so crackly you get

to learn one drill after another till the job

lies down – not a bit how it was when the streets were

a flickering pale blue drama I could never

play a part in. Here in this dazzling city there are

rooms for only one. Which feels familiar,

though the birds are coloured and my correspon-

dence more devious. Money of course is

what it is – is money. Seems I’m wondering less

the quicker the days go how to rewind a life.



Peter Dent
Illustration Nick Victor

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