The Addicts Lament



I have a friend who I have lost.
We were so close for so long
Every day entangled and connected
In every way mutually directed.

Every need of each, clambering to the top
Survival forcing collaboration
Drove us to inseparable bond,
A friendship that could not stop.

Smokey’s lines either way
Unknown, made sense to sing.
Like Brothers or lovers, contra mundi
We fought off attacks upon our troth.

Until at last we stood shakily alone
Surveying the bloody carnage.
We had fought long and hard for this,
This empty victory over life.

Collapsed to the littered ground we embraced
And eye to eye agreed.
That our journey was done, with nothing won,
We went our separate ways.

I howled out loud and begged them return.
I was unknowing and opaque
Without alliance or protection
Before the ordinary world.

Despite the certainty of our defeat
And the clarity of our disunions need,
Despite desolations greedy stare,
Like a severed limb, I missed my friend.

This need eclipsed my cloudy mind
All thoughts scattered and split.
A constant grief driven drone
Became an insistent pull to reunite.

In the thinnest moment, an echo
My friend and I face to face, eye to eye,
That knowing instant, that certainty,
We were done or dead, let go let go.


Written by Francis de Aguilar©
Art Nick Victor



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