The Buffalo Monk

That hotspot of grazing delight, the soul dyed with life

In gazing the grazing fields, ink of the sky unfolds its wings

Those solemn threads of lingering thoughts, commend all days long

The aged walking feet, sat like a banyan tree

On the border of the green

Opened eyes, inaction sighting the actions in lead

No falsified hopes daunting the gazing sights and grazing feet’s

Or in contemplating perch of glee,

Through the winking tails of munching buffalo’s in the greens

The lane muddy and the wind remain steady

The sun flips backs the clouds in an adventurous trail;

And the eyes face upwards for inspection.

The aged man with his trunk-en feet’s, waits

It took the whole ramp of the walking sun

To brunch the munching buffalo’s to return

The gravity shunts the dung, awaited field with returns

The wagging tails and slow parades

Starts to bind their creation all in their living bones

O monk with walking roots follows them

Moves from the green, getting blurred with the passing blues

Farsighted the churning glimpses of moving river

Of past patience, or passing daylight, or the cold night to come.

His bodily sack of natural things, hold a wooden stick

And a black tall umbrella hangs at his back shoulder, as a moving rack

It knows not what its like; and gathers them

To restrict the knocks of hunger again.

Once the mud turned concrete, they shall never pass

To keep the breathe alive, the walking roots wonders around the escaped greens

O the buffalo monk as the Vedic sanjeevani makes

The wheels run, to keep the drowsy state awake;

To the humans and central pyre of capital firms

Of what is walking by is flesh, bones with lives

Caught in the sights of neglect

The words from the buffalo monk,

Innate by his un-aged buffalo intellect.





Author – Sonali Gupta

Gumla, Jharkhad, India.


Glossary –

Sanjeevani – A herb that brings life, that is native to India. Sanjeevani translates as “one that infuses life” and derived from a plant that appears in the Ramayana.

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    1. Whose incredible photo is that? …The Peaceable Kingdom personified.

      Comment by Heidi Stephenson on 10 August, 2022 at 3:08 pm

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