Is not the genesis of a rock
(lest imaginations run riot)
But a paradox of reversal
How noise can also be quiet

A Zen master gave a student a choice
Grasp pearls or drink from the dregs
This proposal was greeted with laughter
As when a Granny is taught to suck eggs

When the pupil outshines the teacher
Passing with ease every test
Who is to say who is learning from whom
And which of the two is now best ?

This alchemist’s tones are leaden
He feels that his soul has been sold
He emits yet another weary wail
That is dying to be turned into gold
Once again led astray by silence
Each night is a wing and a prayer
On his pallette he mixes the hues of deceit
In the day’s light
He blows only hot air




Harry George Stanley Lupino
Illustration Nick Victor

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