‘I’m a big advocate of wellness and daily happiness;
happiness begins my morning meditation.’

Gratitude is a positive mindset and contributes to
stress-relieving therapies. And stress-relieving therapies
are increasingly becoming part of the beauty
we have in our lives: we can all be bought and sold.

Routines of the skincare-obsessed are happy and positive,
suggesting that it should be more frequently prescribed
for the negative. It is to do with genetics (although
beauty influencers add to your happiness every morning.

Yes, every morning.) Time and/or money to burn
is more likely than science: take some of the wackier
expensive creams. It takes three weeks to focus on
the positive but don’t expect dewy skin. We know

that stress contributes to intrusive self-help practices
put forward by those who have already made a lot of money.
If you are loathe to spend then create an optimistic mindset,
be grateful and keep saying ‘Thank you skin. Thank you skin.’

Skin has a lot to offer. Tucks and cuts don’t ever work
but at least gratitude trains the mind and can be the way
to deal with acne, eczema and psoriasis, or the kinds of people
who want to add radiance to your skin. Forget it, you are free.




© Rupert M. Loydell
Illustration: Claire Palmer

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