The Devil’s Legacy

“You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.”
Charles Manson, interviewed by Diane Sawyer, 1994


Defouler of wombs,
Now worse than infamy taints 
Your tomb Space, whether alive 
Or death driven you’re headed towards 
The aspic flames on the hill. 
From God’s mania felt 
In the shaking hand of the faithful
You played your slow picture
Straight into speed’s overkill. 
Fear can’t be fast, not when you know its approaching 
And now your name blazes like a wound over all, 
Tearing sky. You had command of the word,
Enough to spark others’ beauty,
Along with the power to stain it and no one 
At hand knowing why. The devil’s legacy burns,
Biting the eye as it watches.
As all of history judges
Your sentence will live a lot longer than this 
You were the chill in love’s dream. 
Look how you ended the sixties. 
A Christ to bad girls and a judas 
Betraying us all with your kiss. 
David Erdos 22/11/17
Artwork: Claire Palmer 06/08/14

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