The economy of dreams


dreams once simple,
build and create,
a family,
a career,
a life,
now dreams complex,
must be approved by the government,
do you have permission,
can you make a living wage,
if not,
we will protect you,
manage your dreams,
provide for your family,
but dreams must be approved,
and the government engaged,


an ignorant generation,
begging to be slaves,
creating nothing of worth,
integrity and pride,
more liabilities in this day and age,
healthcare free,
but everyone is still going to die,
the government can not give you anything,
you can not give yourself,
but their gifts come with chains,
trust nonexistant,
when dealing with citizens,
too naive and ignorant to complain,
more easily abused,
trust not difficult,
when the government holds all the cards,
the government a benevolent master,
using others’ money,
to cloth, feed and pay,
slave wages,
to all whom the government engages,

dreams much simpler,
in a lost,
day and age.




Doug Polk

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