The Evil Empire of Saudi Arabia Is The West’s Real Enemy



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Saudi Isis





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One Response to The Evil Empire of Saudi Arabia Is The West’s Real Enemy

    1. Wahabism is the way to terrorism.
      World’s largest terrorism are funded by Saudi Kuwait and all wahabi dominated countries.
      Wahabis are the worst human on earth. They are spreading wahabism in other countries through the preaching of wahabism in their madresa and wahabi mosque; so that both in future can transform into terror camp.
      The world should stop this wahabi movement.
      Wahabism means to spread terror, to kill innocent through bombing, and to rape women.
      Wahabis are the main enemy of Islam.
      Their is no democracy in wahabi dominated countries.
      And most human violating country is Saudi.
      But unfortunately America supports this wahabi dominated countries by supporting them.
      Isis and all the terror group are Wahabis most evil humans.
      Save huminity by the ban of wahabism.

      Comment by Murtaza on 7 November, 2016 at 7:30 am

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