The Hungerford Killings

The Mirror on the Hungerford Killings
Forward with Britain 20p
DAY OF THE     August 20
sleepy town     SLAUGHTER:     14 DEAD
SEE PAGES 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
anything that moved
under a blanket in a kitchen.
No-one was hurt.
old soldier wept as he said
a red Renault     a Ford Sierra
shot in the throat
a 21-year-old soldier wept
Woman is the first victim
sitting behind a cupboard in the
corner of a classroom
Premier Margaret     MANIAC RAMBO
burst in moments later
“He was obviously dead.”
her horrified toddlers
carnage on the market town
his mother,
an elderly neighbour
and torching his home.
I told her: “Don’t worry
about him any more –
he’s stopped worrying
about you.”
how many times he had been shot
wandering and distressed near her body
face to face with him in an alley
a bit of a military freak
and wore sunglasses in all weathers
but he was never bothered about girls
a discarded weapon at the blazing house
her only child
He told me it had never been fired.
himself to himself
a big fat bloke
and a gun in his hand
large as life.
He was just a shadow in the distance,
no-one got a good look.
“Oh mummy there’s a man with a
gun outside.”
the cheering mob yell
as he crept into the office
“a real loner”
They had to break their way through furniture
piled behind the door.
a shot in the back in the High Street
Our hearts go out
her boss said last night
“I don’t know a nicer person.”
the one love in Michael
Ryan’s life was his guns.
extremely quiet     an oddball.
another close friend
thought Michael must have suffered
a breakdown
John Gibbens

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