“The Immortalist” A Play by Heathcote Williams

“The Immortalist” by Heathcote Williams

“The Immortalist” by Heathcote Williams

Event Information

7pm. Friday December 9th 2016.

The Immortalist——–Jack Moylett

The Interviewer——–Alison Mullin

A play on the nature of time, ageing and death: a skeptical TV reporter interviews a 278 year old man about time itself and the alternative to death. The Immortalist argues against passivity: “people foul up because the stay in the same place. They’ve traded utopia for reality, they’ve traded their instinct for politics. Consuming is a substitute for being. TV is a substitute for astral projection. Aeroplanes are a substitute for levitation”.

Heathcote Williams: Literary wizard, best selling poet, critically acclaimed playwright, award winning author, accomplished actor and celebrated activist who pioneered the investigational prose poem and uses this medium to tackle a variety of political and environmental issues.


October Gallery Theatre
24 Old Gloucester Street



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