The obsession to perfect

The obsession to perfect brings to
focus nausea destitution selfish traits
with reckless ways, compound pains
beyond share an idea of completing

a lock jaw of the cognitions
to look what at what can be felt
in a morass even when alone at supper
measured slices of the moon

mourning for one year was enough
then felt easy without sweet food at breakfast
deaf to strains of music, without evening cushions
dressed for an alternative to indulgence

the active and contemplative life
moderated answered by years of mourning.
study that cannot accompany action
collaboration with construction

flowers concede to berries
concede to bird baths
wind rush blur of horizon
in this place thought without distance

the relation of compass and set-square
procedure as part of the process
held to discard the trivial
in favour of the twisty

a plumb-line swings in the half light
becomes that which always wavers 
or wobbles in the calm of a fusion
an opera imploded diversion

Allen Fisher

Allen Fisher, proceeds from the garden, verso 5, after Dante, Paradiso, 2021

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