Yeah, for sure, I can let you have
A copy of my latest chunk of genius: meet me
Behind the Co-op at 11, bring the dosh, but leave
Coco at home. She’s a distraction from
The cerebral.

Which reminds me:
Yesterday at Dr. Porridge’s recitation/self-indulgence
There were two hundred people and Trixie said she only liked
Two of them. Listening to her is like
Listening to a mirror except what she says is more

But back to my blooming genius:
At the moment I’m working on a new thing —
It’s a conversation between a verging Mary, a glockenspiel,
And a tethered llama. I’m having problems with
The glockenspiel, but problems exist
To be solved.



© Martin Stannard, 2019

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