The Price of Milk

Dairy, dairy, quite contrary,
how can your brothers grow?
Now piercing yells in terror hells,
and bleeding babes all in a row!

Dairy, dairy, so contrary,
treating young friends, like a foe?
With killing fells, for dainty sells,
and crying calves laid low?

Dairy, dairy, beyond contrary,
how would we each like to go?
With eyes like wells, as murder quells,
in agony, blow on blow?


Heidi Stephenson


The Rape Rack – The Meat and Dairy Industry – An Animal Rights Article Series from




By Heidi Stephenson

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4 Responses to The Price of Milk

    1. The commercial dairy industry. I lived so long before learning that a male calf is clubbed to death immediately as ‘policy’ at least some (all?) dairy farms. Years ago, here at home in Hawai’i, some solar panel workers told me. They were installing panels on the roof of a large barn at a dairy farm up the coast and witnessed the birth of several calves (how nice!). Dairy employees came by with aluminum bats and began the killing of a male. The solar guys stopped it then but who knows what happened after they left. Got to be a vegan from then on. Thanks Heidi for writing a reminder or maybe lesson for folks who do not know.

      Comment by Edward P Johnston on 27 September, 2020 at 6:02 pm
    2. I don’t have the figures to hand for other countries, but in the UK alone, approximately 150, 000 male ‘dairy’ calves are shot within hours of being born, every year. The milk industry is mass killing newborns.

      Comment by Heidi Stephenson on 27 September, 2020 at 6:09 pm
    3. And they do that to produce an anaemic, industrial quality, white liquid which they sell in single use plastic containers.

      Comment by Tim on 29 September, 2020 at 1:52 am
    4. …which as weaned mammals, it is not natural for us to drink either. The lies that have been fed to us since childhood…as if cows produce milk, like apple trees produce apples! Rape after rape, pregnancy after pregnancy, loss after loss, a life of abject suffering, dragged to slaughter at the end of it (the industry’s exhausted, collapsed “downers”) – just so that we humans can snatch their baby milk.

      Comment by Heidi Stephenson on 29 September, 2020 at 7:40 am

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