The Rising: hidden health consequences of extreme oil operations

  • What happens to people exposed to extreme oil operations? In a fight for basic human rights, ordinary people are rising to extraordinary circumstances in a struggle with the consequences of a grave and hidden threat to the American public.Starting with the 2010 BP disaster, the film exposes how unchecked corporate power and government collusion has resulted in public health being largely left out of the equation of America’s fossil fuel industry.
  • A foreign corporation was allowed to spray millions of gallons of toxic dispersants over 200 million gallons of toxic crude oil. 6 years later, the burden of proof that this mixture was harmful has fallen upon thousands of exposed, sick and dying Americans.The Rising is a film and a solution to defend community health. The film is directed by Mark Manning, an oil field diver turned filmmaker, and it documents the spillworkers, health activists, and citizens in both the gulf and Washington DC who saw the devastation first-hand.

The Campaign

As we run out of cheap fossil fuels and expand extreme drilling, America’s oil operations are becoming more toxic and dangerous. Experiments like fracking, deep water drilling, and mountaintop removal put millions of Americans in harm’s way. But because government and corporations are not testing oil cleanup methods, frontline communities face the risk of chemical illness when the next disaster happens – just like the thousands who fell sick after the BP spill.

If we tell this story, and demand that oil and gas operations be proven safe for public health, millions of Americans will be protected. The solution is a certified, grassroots training for medical personnel to diagnose chemical illnesses, shown in the film and happening right now.

  • Prioritize public health.

    Give a voice to the silenced and sick victims.

    Back programs that prepare at-risk communities.

    Support training for medical professionals to diagnose and treat chemical illness.

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