Dreamy Soup or Autoschediasim

dreamy soup (2)



Let’s start at the beginning

when the stars laughed

and three dollar whores stood on the kerb

crossing the bridge, big dreams in your backpack

just a stranger here with vacant eyes

asking the name of the river that chiffons from the East



They came one by one stoking your ego

do you understand the two  step shuffle to significance

what good is a king when Fisbo the clown has the crowd?

and  you held them all like braying donkeys

they gave you the keys to that dream



The leaves spoke in muted tones the seeds of sedition growing

I became the understudy ,

a support player for your do rae me

you wanted me to succumb kneel at your lips

but then the moon  would howl and the wolves become silenced

by my submission

                             So many labels :

soap box cleric, agitator , beatnik rebel

it’s all chatter a noisy tableau of bizz buzz bizz

we smile , we  deceive and defecate the air with a choir of lies.




Saira Viola
Illustration: Elena Caldera

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