The Seven Ages of Crow

‘Yo, Pretty Boy, what ya doin’ on my Astral?’
Sez The Goddess to Baby Face Crow:
‘Ya wanna fly with me, ya better be a Natural.’
Crow sez: ‘I’m yours, Babe, let’s go!’

So away they flew, and before the night was through
She’d taught him just about all he’d ever know.
But then he wakes alone, in a world of skin and bone,
Looks in the mirror, he sees Crazy Man Crow.

He looked for her in moon-lit bars, walked alone beneath the stars,
Checking into Dream Hotels along the Nile.
But as the cock crowed in the day, the dream would melt away
To leave him stranded in the shadow of her smile.

And all the men would laugh to see him shamble past.
They’d say: ‘He let his heart be broken by a Ho!’
But he doesn’t seem to hear, Love has silenced doubt and fear
In the open heart of Sha-Man Crow.

Crow done his time, hung out on the line,
His face besmirched with grime and going grey.
Then he opens up his eyes, sees the Goddess there beside him.
She sez: ‘Pretty Boy, I never went away!’

Sez: ‘I was with you all along, in your lonesome shaman songs.
I was there in every girl you ever kissed.’
Sez: ‘I had to run and hide, to make you look for me inside
To show you just how much you might’ve missed.’

So now they walk by the river and talk
Of things, some say, it’s better not to know.
Then they sing an old song of the crooked way they stroll along,
The Goddess and Her Old Man, Crow.

John Constable aka John Crow

Photos: Max Reeves




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    1. Oh so wonderful <3 <3

      Comment by Angella-Dee on 7 September, 2014 at 2:38 pm

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