The President feels
The weight of his huge ass
On the tempered tanned
Leather of his Oval Office throne
He scratches an itchy ball
Under the great oak table
As he looks with studied concern
at his KKKitchen cabinet
Assembled for the real meeting
After the bullshit meeting
With the… what ever they are called…
As none seemed to notice
His ball-scratch
He ran his thumb
Over the gucchi-covered
Helmet of his
Of his contested cock
He unzipped his fly
And wriggled through his
Boxers to touch
The Presidential penis
As Bannon and Pence
And the others
He couldn’t even remember
Gazed at him with the zeal
Of Spartans, Romans, Nazis
Newly promoted to ultimate
Global power and keen
Not to displease the Ceaser…
(Ceaser =
Seize her!)
The President
Grinned and rolled
His porcine chins
As he tumesced
The Presidential member
Slowly so as to avoid
Literally tickled
With the outlandishness
Of the whole scenario…
His minions
His equivalent
Of Goebells Himmler
And… Beria …
Staring at him
Alert like well trained dogs
Maybe they think Bannon
Or Pence or GOP
Are in real control
The President mused
As he shifted onto his
left buttock to make way
For his contested erection
Rubbed up by his infamous thumb
And maybe they are right
But now
Maybe just now…?
I am in control
I am pleasuring myself
The President of the world
And they must wait
To see who I deign
To question first
About the day’s erotic
At the moment
Where The President
With chins wobbling
Like Turkey wattles
On Christmas eve
Secretly cums
In his designer pants
His greatest ever orgasm
So forbidden, so random
In spite of his checklist
Of It girls
And serious Pros
His Cabinet of cut-throats
Scan him for a sign
The President
Switching over to his
Right buttock
Lets rip a huge
Trumpet fart
Straight out of
Blazing saddles
And there is
Thunderous silence
Bannon Pence
And the others
Stare transfixed
At Ceaser
Back in school
Ceaser smirks
And Roger Moore’s
An eyebrow
And after they look
At one another
Then back at the boss
To be super certain
They burst in to the wildest
Most simian
laughter imaginable
And this laughter
Existential relief
Cascades down
And out of their
Monkey skulls
Until it runs dry
After an eternity…
The President intones
‘Let’s get down to business…
Steve, how can we rape
Nordstrom until they fugging
Beg for Ivanka’s
Clothing and Accessories
Back in their fugging
Front window?’


Roddy McDevitt
Pic: cYberbanX




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