The Smartphone Watch


My smart phone gave me away
My placard on a stick had no words
We walked slowly along the road
People stopped, stared, took photographs
Cameras on the walls & lampposts took more 

No words left to find was not enough
The men in the control room saw me
Then police took my smartphone,
The placard with the words I could not say
They took me to the court; ‘causing an affray’ 

Locked up for a year and a day. Nothing was said
Nobody noticed. Out of sight. Out of mind.


© Christopher 2023  [email protected]

The first watches of the population were much more labour-intensive.
Instituted from about 1829 in some metropolitan areas.  
Now computer servers, using great quantities of energy, and with considerable personal oversight,
are claimed to achieve the same ends, as we carry our smartphones everywhere.



Prisoners were kept in the salubrious house shown above.
Years before the watch began, a rather gruesome cell was available for 100 years from 1730,
built into the garden wall of Cannon Hall, below
Parish Lock-up
An aside:
In the early 20th century, Cannon Hall was the home of the actor Gerald du Maurier, his wife Muriel Beaumont, and their three children, the writers Angela du Maurier and Daphne du Maurier and the painter Jeanne du Maurier. From Wiki.

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