Seed of Memory

Learning to wait,
Reading brings my restlessness
To pin drop silence

Piano keys pause
Between musical rhyme.

The falling moon
Leaves its shadow
In my stars-studded pond.

The silence of the awakening bell,
My colors at rest

I play in rejoice,
Trying to arrange the cotton clouds
From my earthly spinning of the wheel.

I keep weaving the loom,
On and on.

The winter air,
Kisses the glass window

I wake up and erase the dew
Like my colorless train-wreck dream.

The seats of cuddle
Leave a memory seed
That grows like this poem.

I remember that
Sentences also have memories
When they grow like verses

I am told to kiss the pain
And come out from its aesthetics,

The only luck is that
I keep finding the aesthetics in pain,
When I emerge out of it.

My seed of pain
Grows without aesthetics, without me.
I want to pluck its fruit and taste it.



Sushant Thapa




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