The Tea Cup People


                      (After a drawing by Nick Victor)

                     Long after the storm subsides
                     we sit there, filling up the space,
                     inside the bowl, inside the inside,

                    inside the storm that died, quiet,
                    and inside the acceptance
                    as opposed to the long running argument.

                   An entity as enormous as time
                   will take a sip.
                   We wait for the moment
                   when we shall be
                   all dissolved into
                   some formless singularity.

                  Meanwhile, we weigh
                  the weight of our spirits
                  in this tea cup, Alice,
                  but you know that,
                  you attend the party.




                      Kushal Poddar
                      Illustration Nick Victor




Kushal Poddar lives in Aurangabad.,India
 Author Facebook- 




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