the unbearable night


the unbearable night
the night building which washes water
the night wind which sounds like trapped radiator spirits
the night red light mill
the night full of ship tears
the night window that pains
the mystery that calls you old-fashioned
the night meadow of drafts
the water you would plant under the ground
to save a generation.
The night walls that shudder flowers
the night woman who is bare
the equal distances from arms and closed eyes
and gardens that make a city wide.
The great face of street kingdoms
the letting of strangers with metal coloured necks
and the sex of swans.
The night cars that are already knocked at doors
with the eyes of god lamps
the night love of dead trees
the five stoned fat of sunlight behind the night
the nights spangle of solace
the park firing of birds
the parks angels
the denial of kneeling
the fear of the colour grey
the night that is your collar bones
the night which is a wife
the nights common breath
the night watching over the year
and requiting the vertical fires of land
with sea-sore heads.
The unforgiving night
the polite notion of restarting and the barking of roses.
The night skin of summer
the eight ways you became brother and sister
for the sake of rainwater
freely whiter than burnt wood.

Greta Bellamacina

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