The Woven


The Woven, a site specific performance inside Shoreditch Church, aka St Leonards, (the actors’ church and patron saint of ‘the lost.’ ) This amazing performance coincided with the clocks going back on 29th September, marking our lost hour. 

After the audience had entered through the literal and musical lines of the oranges and lemons – of the old nursery rhyme – and settled in the gorgeous interior of the church, artist Jowonder entered as ‘Old Mother Time,’ a wind-up woman. She announced that: ‘doomsday had been cancelled!’ The theatrical spell was then held by the building, its golden clock, and the performers as they wove a sacred spell interspersed with hints and references to the real threats that exist outside the grand illusion. The vulnerability expressed in the songs and stories, with musical duo the Butterfly Wheel  were dedicated to the church, and a chilling reminder that in these difficult and challenging times  we should hold onto our sense of wonder, heritage and the power of story telling. 
Jan Woolf
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