There’s a Harvest Moon




                                          Few clouds and a hare
                                          That leaps ahead on a rising path
                                          Strewn with shadows.

Beyond that, a derelict cottage,
Roof tiles sliding, windows gone
And supposedly haunted by some
Poor girl, insured then cruelly throttled.

Step through the gap between fence posts
That lean together like drunken pals,
High-step brambles that nip at your heels.

Once you reach the tree, pluck a peach,
Bite deep and as its juice deltas your chin,
Pick another, feel a skin-tightening chill

As a mare’s tail cloud dims the moonlight,
Branches creak, shadows grow and you know
You’ll remember this moment that was etched
Into your bones lifetimes ago…




Kevin Patrick McCann
Picture Nick Victor

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