There’s a Man in a Van And He’s Looking for You


The policemen arrive
In their two white vans
Home Office, Immigration,
Thinking of you and your home

There’s a man in a van 
And he’s looking for you
One comes to my door, 
Says ‘how do you do’

‘This man here we’ve hooded,’
Eyes, face to the ground,
‘Does he live in your house?
Have you seen him around?’

Well, Yes, I reply
Aliens, just minutes ago
‘Where are they now?
Where did they go?’

Look up, Look up
See that trail in the sky
See the scorched earth
In the meadow, I cry

Friends landed their saucer
Thought a welcome be coming
They saw you drive close
Fled, on the ground, running

‘He’s got no ID
And he’s not from here.
His face is misshapen
And his voice unclear.’

Well, take him away then
If that’s what you must
‘Tho there’s space here for him
And space here for us

There’s a man in a van 
And he’s looking for you
This land is your land. 
Blend in, whatever you do

‘We have our orders’, the policeman said
‘To take him away to the prison.
We’ll send him home a few years from now
To Mars on the one-way space mission.’

I’m glad all it takes to keep ourselves safe
Is the man in the van with his bright epaulets
So who belongs here and who does not
Can we send them away, ‘No regrets?’


© Christopher 2015/2017  
[email protected]                   

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