High Treason in UK Suffocates Democratic Governance

 The Treacherous Trail to Totalitarian Dictatorship


My home country, the United Kingdom, once known for its promotion of libertarian causes, has been taken over and its citizens utterly betrayed. The last vestiges of parliamentary democracy have been buried, so that the Prime Minister, members of the Cabinet Office and senior civil servants can operate via ‘rule by decree’, effectively taking over the levers of governance with little or no recourse to parliamentary debate or public consultation. These are dangerous times.

This ‘putsch’ has not taken place overnight, but has been steadily poisoning the arteries of government for decades. It took the chimera of Covid-19 to act as the tailor-made alibi to enforce the final act of treason. A move taken in the name of ‘protecting the health and welfare of British citizens’ “against the biggest threat this country has faced in peace time history.” (Matt Hancock, Minister of Health).

In reality, ‘the biggest threat in peace time history’ is coming from the government itself. The threat of a despotic, totalitarian take-over by fake leaders’ who have mastered the art of the lie.

The British media is fully complicit, ever ready to ram the fear doctrine down peoples’ throats and abandon any attempt at investigative journalism.

It has been recognised by those with a keen eye, that the UK has long since housed a devious seam of schematic criminality within its higher echelons of state, furtively open to selling the country to the highest bidder, or for favours of rank.

The corporation of the city of London leads the world in surreptitious arrangements of almost any tax evasion and money laundering exploit it is asked to undertake, provided the reward is not less than six figures.

For decades plans have been honed to install a cabal within the halls of Westminster that would appear to be operating according to constitutional practice, but would actually wrest the reins of power away from the practice of public consultation and parliamentary debate.

With the advent of Tony Blair as Prime Minister in 1997, this process was greatly speeded up. It exploited already existing strong links to international criminal syndicates and collusion centred around the Bush family and the 9/11 trigger point for invasion of the Middle East. Gordon Brown kept this line going throughout the financial crash, and with the arrival of David Cameron as Prime Minister, the seal was set for the publically announced introduction of “chaos” as a leading policy position of the ruling Conservative party.

The ‘chaos’ from which a new ‘order’ can be imposed, neatly dressed-up as a saviour from the organised anarchy.

Ominously, and in spite of the bizarreness of this announcement, it failed to engender any significant kick-back from the electorate. An electorate already seduced by the long standing deluge of half-truths and outright lies fed to it by a highly sophisticated and doctrinaire PR system, closely aligned with the secret service and leading media moguls.

So when Cameron announced that his government was going to introduce “chaos” into the management systems of the country, most simply ignored the pronouncement or wrote it off as typical ‘politician’s craziness’. But it was nothing of the kind – it meant exactly what it said.

Theresa May, next in line to take over from Cameron – who was ditched after having called the referendum on Brexit whose result went against many insider expectations – took the reins, having served in the Home Office and up-built close affiliations with MI5.

May’s appointment co-incided with Mark Carney taking over as director of the Bank of England, a post carrying very significant powers to shape what is now called ‘The Great Reset’.

By then ‘Global Warming’ had become entrenched in gullible minds as “The biggest ever threat to the future of the planet” and Carney clearly demonstrated which way the cards were falling by brutally announcing that any business not conforming to the strictures of a united push for ‘Zero Carbon’ “would be bankrupted”.

The Green New Deal/Fourth Industrial Revolution was looming large and Extinction Rebellion was assigned the role of conditioning young peoples’ minds to become accustomed to living under a permanent pall of fear concerning Global Warming. Fake green arguments emanating from the United Nations and Al Gore were now proclaimed by Greta Thunberg and most Green NGO’s; all repeating – ad nauseam – the same siren-like mantra concerning the ‘cataclysmic effects’ of CO2 emissions.

Let us briefly remind ourselves: carbon is what enables plant life to grow and humans and animals to breathe the oxygen they emit. ‘Zero Carbon’ means zero life. Scientific data reveals that the volume of anthropogenic CO2  in the upper atmosphere measures just 0.0379% of total atmospheric components. Weirdly, this percentage figure is almost identical to the percentage of the world’s population deemed to have died from CV-19. The masters of deception have managed to alter the direction of the entire planet based on evidence that reveals the presence of a distinctly minor atmospheric and human ailment – and sold it as a major disaster for mankind and the biosphere. A piece of egregious spin never likely be surpassed.

In spite of the exceptionally high profile awarded to the CO2 hoax in the UK, its progress was thwarted by an equally high level of contradictions inherent in its phony science and the fact that climate scientists at the University of East Anglia were caught fixing the emission figures.

Theresa May was ordered – by her hidden masters – to put her attention to getting the Brexit affair sorted, and public opinion was suitably divided on what this should mean in practice. This division   – pro and anti-Brexit camps – eroded the cohesion of family life across the country by setting one segment of society against another, thus engendering a distraction from the rapid erosion of civil liberties and responsible statesmanship going on behind the headlines.

As the ever watchful UK Column News noted, this was “a Brexit without the exit”, and while May scuttled to and fro to Brussels supposedly negotiating the exit, the cabal was actually engaged in the selling-off of the British military to the ‘EU Defence Army’ – answering the predominantly French and German call to build ‘military union’ and a rapid deployment force to provide for international hegemonic ambitions under the label of ‘peace missions’.

This covert betrayal of the people of Great Britain has therefore been extended into a betrayal of nationhood itself, something that used to be called ‘high treason’. A country unable to defend its shores cannot be described as an independent nation state, and Britain is rapidly approaching this state of demise.

The sense of abdication of statehood was heightened when, on December 19th 2019, the Queen opened the new parliament not wearing her crown or any ceremonial clothes. One could almost smell the betrayal in the air. Queen Elizabeth’s 1953 Coronation Oath, in which she swears allegiance to the nation via a formal commitment to uphold various moral protocols, appeared to have been severed – at least symbolically. Was this a barely disguised admission that the United Kingdom was no longer a nation state under the leadership of those committed to some form of democratic rule of law, or ‘constitutional monarchy’ as it is known in more formal terms?

May was soon displaced. The hidden cabal needed a Prime Minister of a different calibre to “get Brexit done” and take the country into uncharted territory where a totalitarian technocracy could ‘occupy the throne’ leaving a parliamentary democracy and royal tradition to be sidelined into the annals of history.

Already the traditional non-partisan values of the civil service were being eroded as a more corporate influence started exerting itself. What’s more, the head of the civil service, Sir Mark Sedwill, was also put in charge of national security and a number of other key posts, giving him large powers of leverage within the state control agenda of the day.

By the time Boris Johnson was selected as Prime Minister, the new power base was already in place and an EU style bureaucrat was shaping the political course of the country, closely linked to a powerful Brussels-based lobby of EU technocrats.

Ordinary members of parliament have found themselves taking an increasingly back seat with all key decision making taking place outside the halls of Westminster, in special meetings involving private ‘advisors’, social engineering agencies, behavioural psychologist insight teams and a few senior cabinet ministers. An almost complete shield has been formed between the general public and those running the country.

Any attempt by members of the electorate to get an answer to questions concerning political decisions – is now met with complete silence. I have personally sent formal letters to local authority leaders and parliamentarians on urgent concerns – and have been greeted with a stony silence. Not even a note to confirm receipt of the letter.

Johnson, with his fake Churchillian style of delivery, sports an exaggerated rhetoric that makes “beating covid” sound like an urgent call to arms in defence of the realm. Ironic, when the actual defence of the realm is being dismantled in front of his eyes and with his tacit agreement.

I never expected to witness my country of birth being taken over by a government of occupation. Powerful interests in the banking and corporate sector, tied-in with US and other international power brokers, have colluded with political leaders to usurp power while other supposedly ‘responsible parties’ have resorted to an eerie and arrogant silence. A refusal to engage with humanity.

Covid-19’s arrival on the scene was not by chance, and the criminal imposition of a plethora of draconian rules and regulations concerning its supposed containment – accompanied by intense media fearmongering – has simply capped the inescapable truth that a treasonous regime change is at hand. A change that is laying the ground for the establishment of a New World Order under the title World Economic Forum’s planned ‘Great Reset’.

A plan whose co-ordinated clamp downs on human civil liberties are happening simultaneously in almost every country of the world, accompanied by the lauding of ‘rule by robot’ with its deeply sinister techno-fascist undertones.

Contrary to what one might believe, this does not mean that all is lost for the British Isles; resistance is real and is growing. Rising up through the enforced chaos are the seeds of a fresh vision of what constitutes genuine governance; and it starts with ‘self governance’. The ability to overcome fear and nurture belief in one’s self as an agent of higher spiritual calling.

England will not die, the deeper, older spirit of the country will hold firm – and will rise again – ridding these islands of the sickly fake governance that has stultified their true expression for far too long. A phoenix will rise from the ashes and overcome the present gross imposition of tyranny.

It will not be a purely national phoenix, but a joined-up pan-planetary unfolding of the wings of truth, justice and emancipation, in which all who hold reverence for life uppermost in their hearts and minds, will be in the vanguard.

No, it will not be a New World Order – it will be a True World Order.


Julian Rose


Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, writer, international activist, entrepreneur and teacher. His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ is particularly prescient reading for this time: see www.julianrose.info






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    1. Your home “Country” is a Union
      people in this union outside of England
      get pissed off when this common mistake
      is made.

      Comment by James Boag on 6 October, 2020 at 7:44 am
    2. Julian mentioned England once. He also mentioned British citizens, Great Britain, The British Isles and United Kingdom.

      Comment by Tim on 6 October, 2020 at 11:11 am

      Comment by Armand Power on 18 October, 2020 at 12:46 am

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