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Eight hundred and fifty thousand people fled for their lives to Europe last year. (At least three thousand four hundred and six people died in the Mediterranean sea.) Of that great mass of people, a few thousand have washed up Calais, France, trying to attempt the dangerous crossing to England. By the French and British governments, they’ve been hung out to dry.


calais 1

calais 2

calais 3

calais 4

calais 5

calais 6

calais 7

calais 8

calais 9

calais 10

calais  11






I have 15,000 free 16-page, full-colour comics of this cartoon available which you can use to raise money for refugees. (Thank you everybody who donated to the crowd funder to make this happen). How it works is you pay postage, £7 for 100 comics or £2.50 for 20. Pay me by Paypal to [email protected]. Log in to Paypal. Go to the Money tab. Click ‘send money to family or friends’ so Paypal don’t get any of their grubby hands on it. On the next page where it says ‘send message’ WRITE YOUR ADDRESS WHERE YOU WANT ME TO SEND THEM. I will be checking the account and posting once a week, so it may take a little time for your comics to arrive.

You can sell them at a suggested donation of about £2 per comic. I would rather you didn’t give them away, as they’ve been paid for on the premise that they will be used to raise more money. If you want to use them for educational purposes, please still make a donation to refugee support.

When you’ve collected the money, donate it to any individual or organisation who is helping refugees, anywhere in the world. Then remember to email [email protected], tell me how much you raised and where it went. I owe it to the financial backers of this project to produce a paper trail. 

Single, signed copies of the cartoon can be bought from my web shop, if you just want one for yourself.


Kate Evans

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    1. Why were the Africans and Arabs fighting with each other?

      Comment by gruff on 30 January, 2016 at 3:04 am

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