Thrimblenorton enters

An empty shunned house,
Front door smashed to flinders.

So, in two bounds
He’s away up the stairs,
In one leap

He’s tightroping a banister,
Tail a ramrod, eyes black,
Whiskers thrumming

But then hears a faint sob.

It runs down walls,
Billowing cobwebs
And one mouth is soon

Joined by others:

Dust whirls rising in columns
Outline she-humans sawing
The air as clouds shape
Into babies forever just
Out of their reach: so in one
Leap he’s back down
On the stairs, in two bounds
He’s back out the front door,
Pausing only to empty his bowels
On a fallen sign lettered in gold:
Sisters of Mercy Mother and Baby Home.





Kevin Patrick McCann
Photo Nick Victor


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2 Responses to Thrimblenorton enters

    1. this cunning poem and Nick’s pic
      hit the spot in an excellent edition of IT
      full of good poems and writing

      Comment by jeff cloves on 27 March, 2022 at 7:10 pm
    2. Good day to you Jefff and thanks. MaCann realy is a goldern poet. x

      Comment by Editor on 28 March, 2022 at 5:53 am

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