Tokyo and Yokosuka Before (1976-1983)

Greg Girard’s photographs of Japan before the rest of the world caught up…

Night_Shinjuku_1979Tokyo Japan

Night, Shinjuku, 1979

Greg Girard’s photographs take us back to Tokyo and Yokosuka in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Back then Tokyo was the city of the future, all neon, steel and electricity, the closest things to finding life on other planets for visiting Westerners reared on concrete, accretive cityscapes, and anchored to dreams for foxgloved cottages and corniced parlours in extant stately homes and terraces. Tokyo was the city plugged into the mains and always switched on.

Yokosuka was and still is home to the US Seventh Fleet. This streets, bars and clubs were where the navy boys and girls went for larks and lust. Girard’s images throb with energy, his streets available Dolby surround sound.


Tokyo JapanClub_Apollo_Yokosuka_1976

Club Apollo – Yokosuka, 1976

Tokyo Japan Haneda airport, Tokyo, Japan, 1982.

Haneda airport, Tokyo, Japan, 1982.

Tokyo Japan Cinema_Exterior_Shinjuku_1983

Cinema Exterior, Shinjuku -1983

Tokyo JapanTwo_Schoolgirls_Tokyo_1979

Two Schoolgirls – Tokyo, 1979

Tokyo Japan Platform_Conductor_Ikebukuro_1976

Platform Conductor – Ikebukuro, 1976

Tokyo JapanMan_with_Eyepatch_Yokosuka_1976

Yokosuka, 1976

Shibuya_Crossing_1976Tokyo Japan

Shibuya Crossing, 1976

Juli_Tokyo_Bay_1979 Tokyo Japan

Juli Tokyo Bay, 1979


David Bowie, Sake Ad – 1980

ShinOkubo_Tokyo_1982Tokyo Japan

ShinOkubo, Tokyo, 1982

Tokyo JapanKabukicho_Neon_1977

Kabukicho, Neon, 1977


Tokyo Japan Keiko_Yoyogi_Park_1979

Keiko Yoyogi Park, 1979

Tokyo JapanMilk_Bar_Tokyo_1979

Milk Bar, Tokyo – 1979

Tokyo Japan Yakuza_Greeting_Koenji_1979

Yakuza Greeting, Koenji 1979

Shinjuku_0509AM_1979Tokyo Japan

Shinjuku, 1979

Kabukicho_1976Tokyo Japan

Kabukicho, 1976

Tokyo JapanSaint_Louis_Bar_Yokosuka_1976

Saint Louis Bar, Yokosuka 1976

Tokyo JapanElevator_Attendant_Tokyo_1977

Elevator Attendant, Tokyo 1977


Tokyo- Yokosuka 1976-1983

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