Valley Comprehensive







(for ethan, evan and elian)

when questions become answers
when stars are merely facts
as the white board becomes all knowing lord
and red pens stamp our destiny upon our stooping backs

the beauty of learning dies
when minds cannot search and find
just swallow factations whole
when exam results and league tables
fire the engines of education
it’s the premiership in the classroom
no room for the least able
the noose tightens on free thought
as sets slyly amputate aspiration
only those who will pass the tests
shall be allowed to take the tests

the unchosen
stammer in silence
tread water in clock watched anticipation
until their failure is legitimized
and school becomes brain asphixiation

no wonder in the universe
no questions for their gods
i’d rather a tree taught me how to grow
tell a class how not to write

only those who will pass the tests
shall be allowed to take the tests

shouldn’t education be
about teaching children




to think?

Patrick Jones
Pic: Claire Palmer


Patrick Jones is a Welsh poet with several published works under his belt and a spoken word and music CD which, from beginning to end, packs a punch musically, poetically and politically – Tongues for a Stammering Time. Several artists collaborate on the CD including Patrick’s brother Nicky Wire, guitarist with the Manic Street Preachers and band mate James Dean Bradfield.


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