Vox Populi


Current circumstances demand raised voices, and its time to wheel out the machines that bristle with fluted trumpets. These things are best kept old school: a digital eruption is nothing but a rearrangement of pixels, but analogue makes waves you can surf from here to Hawaii. It’s times like these when we need to raise our eyebrows, or at least one thereof, and here it’s best to employ thread and a small system of pulleys to achieve the perfect arc between irony and ire. When it comes to raising the issue, though, the gloves are off, and while one man – and why is it always a man? – sweats over a lever and a complex system of hydraulics, others may close their eyes and use will alone. It’s chaos, of course, but I recall my mother telling me that even cacophony needs choreography, and I raise a smile that’s strung between two bluebirds like a swag of roses.



Oz Hardwick
Picture Nick Victor






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