Weapons of Mass Destruction – Changing the Picture


Here is the first of four projects I have planned for this year.

It is a reworking of an interactive installation I did at London’s Frieze Art Fair some years ago – possibly the most significant Art Fair in the world. It was, without doubt, the most popular stand in the fair with the most participation and was the subject of endless photographs by people from all parts of the globe.

The aim is to illustrate the overwhelmingly destructive nature of the use of animals for food, and to prompt people to make a direct link to the number of animals that they, personally, might have eaten. Around the world, each individual chooses what goes on their dinner plate and so, by simply making a different choice, they can immediately ‘change the picture’. 

The UN have reported that meat production is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases whereas air travel is only responsible to 2%. And yet that seems to be the central focus. Other environmental effects in terms of resources, energy and water have all been well documented, yet roundly ignored by the media and governments, all of whom seem to retain vested interests in maintaining a status quo which is affecting not only the animals, but the poor, the hungry, and the planet as a whole.

The song in the video ‘WOT? No Meat?’ was co-written by Captain Sensible, Rachel Boar and myself, and recorded as long ago as 1982, when I was running the ‘Enough’ project (after Gandhi’s ‘The world holds enough for everyone’s need but not for greed’, an understanding which has been consistently ignored.). I wrote the verse and Captain Sensible wrote the chorus. The song carries the optimistic message that ‘You Can Change It’.

Over to You!

Clearly this interactive installation appears to capture people’s imaginations and I am happy to make it available to anyone, anywhere in the world, who wishes to stage it, whether in a small or large format.

I will provide the kit (which contains everything needed for re-creating the installation) for a contribution towards the cost of producing and posting it, and an undertaking that you will provide us with photos and feedback of what happened at your event.

I’d also be pleased to hear from any gallery owners or art fairs who would be interested in hosting this. 

Please contact Jacky on [email protected] to ask for more details




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