Discovered! Corbyn And Stalin’s Pact To Overthrow Churchill


Discovered! Corbyn Stalin Pact To Overthrow Churchill 

A secret pact between Jeremy Corbynand Joseph Stalin to overthrow Winston Churchill in 1941 and turn the UK into a totalitarian communist state has been discovered by a group of media barons. The new historical documents prove once and for all -so let’s have no more arguments after this- that the shadow cabinet leader is not, in fact, a mild-mannered, left-wing, professional politician simply going about his business but instead a fanaticalcommunist terrorist determined to destroy our country and bring down western civilization in the flames of his international Trotskyite revolution. The billionaire media barons, who coincidentally risk potentially losing millions if Mr Corbyn is elected, stated that they needed to protect their source’s identity but had stayed up ‘half the night‘ bribing the necessary officials and ‘filling Wikipedia with the appropriate nonsense‘ to back up their claims.

Within the documents we discover that, although still only a child, by 1941 Corbyn was already a radical Marxist and met Stalin to hatch out his evil plans for world socialist domination during a family summer holiday spent in Soviet USSR. Apparently, after Corbyn and Stalin’s overthrow of the UK they planned to demand Churchill, along with his entire government and the royal family, work as humiliated toilet attendants on Brighton beach and that the vaults of the Bank of England be shared out amongst their greedy Bolshevik revolutionary stooges to support their insatiable gamblingdrinkingsex and drug habits. Other details describe how Corbyn: the child communist, sent thousands of his fellow Trotskyites to the gulag for laughing at his shorts and often demanded the contents of his mother’s handbag be confiscated for his self-serving Leninist collective to buy sweets, or ‘сладости‘ in brother Corbyn’s demented communist tongue.

Mr Corbyn’s suspicious refusal to reply to several Tweets alleging this ‘Stalin Pact‘ proves, once again, his definite involvement with this evil communist plot. When will people finally pay attention to these allegations and stop this dangerous anti-capitalist before it is too late and he is elected? Who knows? One thing is certain; Jeremy Corbyn obviously represents a very real threat to billionaire media barons everywhere and there is no more proof necessary than this constant, and ludicrous, muck-spreading.

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