What can we tell you about IT?

IT’s had over a million hits since its online re-incarnation.
Weekly views hit around 7,000.
The IT Facebook site is higher still.
The typical IT target reader is a paragon schnitzophonic
With necrotizing fasciitis and 2.4 edible children.
IT disdains commerce. IT buys and sells nothing.
It asks for nothing. No money changes hands. Period.

IT’s house style is, as ever, anarcho-pacifist-hippie.
There is a loose editorial collective.
Departures from IT’s house style are looked upon with benign tolerance.
Artists, film-makers, essayists, contrarians, ranters, game-changers and
inventors broadcast freely from its forum.

IT is TED for guttersnipes.

Wat Tyler House, IT’s squatted HQ on Ravachol Plaza,
Interzone de Clonetown. Security Password: FOAD



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