What You Think

What You Think


is a continual process:

watching your thoughts,

accepting and rejecting,

become your words,

organising and reorganizing.


Watching your words,

shift and change,

become your actions

good or bad.

And watching your actions,

healing or harmful,


become your habits,

beyond all verdicts:

sympathy or antipathy,

joy or pain,

love or hate.


Watch your habits

become your values

and watch your values

become your character.


To gain complete mastery

of yourself,

you can watch your character

in one light

where you are perfectly visible,

become your destiny

in communion with others

that know.


What you think

and what you perceive

yourself to be

you become.



Silver Hawk and Lau Tzu.
Illustration Nick Victor

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    1. sounds right

      Comment by harry morgan on 2 February, 2019 at 11:36 am

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