Wheat-scape 1



Primer (emulsion will do)
3B pencils.
Cobalt blue and yellow ochre acrylic for backwash.
Assortment of oil paints.
White and blue oil pastels



Walk the South Downs from Eastbourne to Alfriston and find a wheat field with landscape and sky.   Proportions – 4oz wheat field and 2oz each of sky and land.
Photograph it.
Print it out at home – A4.
Scribble all over the back in soft 3B pencil.
Prime a breadboard with emulsion.  (Or any other board, but breadboards are good as they come already framed – and wheat is to do with bread.)
When dry lay the image on top and trace the proportions of wheat, land and sky onto it. Your board may be bigger than A4 so just extend it.  This is not cheating, but saving time.
Cover with washes of ochre and blue acrylic.
When dry work into it with small brushes and oil paint.  Draw into that, paying some attention to the original image.
Scribble accordingly with white or blue pastel.
If moved to do so, draw into wheat field with pointed end of brush.
Now forget the original image and make of it wheat you will.
Go and buy a new bread board.
Repeat recipe with any ingredients you fancy


Jan Woolf







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