Letter to the PM


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2 Responses to Letter to the PM

  1. jeff cloves says:

    lovely stiff Ecir!
    mot nuch to lauth at laterly
    but you hammed me
    in stichest
    more powder
    to your hellbow
    and donchyou
    ever vote for Mr Jonhson
    or that
    shinning Knite in Starmer
    it only encorages them
    for ages

    yrs sinisterely
    Deff Clones

  2. Sandra Burgess says:

    Dear Erci Eric, Hi ham in much agreement with yr most ericite letter.
    Yrs, Mrs Mrs of the Land in question which has gorn to the dogs in an hancart p.s. Cummings should defiantly be Goings.

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