100,000 Dead


He was pleased to be Pfizered at Francis Crick
Sensible St. Paul, the Nurse, presiding
He was on the database and got notified
Then punched the buttons to sign in
Computer says no.  Little England,
Full of shrinking boundaries,
Until locked behind doors
A pair of eyes; all that’s left of your face
American forms; 31 months of 12 days in each year?
The British day and month of birth rejected
“Check your first & last name & birthdate”

In the middle of these killing fields;
Covid deaths over 100,000
St. Peter standing at the gates of heaven
No easy routes around the danger & Covid fear
Speak truth to power; no more idiocracy

He read & signed the Reg 174 vaccination indemnity waivers
Volunteers, Covid PPE’d; cheerful, distanced, welcoming, relaxing
The label on the vial said five doses of 0.3 mL
Newly trained; asked to get five jabs per vial, six if she could
She tried to get the sixth, no luck
Filled in a form, said wait for ten minutes
Another volunteer, another vial
Nurse struggled with the syringe: found the last dregs,
The sixth dose nectar; and he was Pfizered
Afterwards, he sat 15 min. in the grand Crick Theatre
Given a glass of water, a biscuit, a warm goodbye, a card
“See you for the second jab in ten weeks!”


© Christopher 2021  [email protected]




Over 100,000 Covid deaths and much long-term disability is a systemic and moral failure. 
Our everyday lives have been and continue to be utterly changed.   No man is an island. 
The careless and inept at the top of government and elsewhere will become accountable. 
In their souls, in their hearts and in our minds. 
This will be our burden. 
That will be their greatest burden as long as they live.  

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