Freedom Of Speech Is Dead, Long Live Medical Tyranny

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I have been meaning to write Freedom Of Speech Is Dead, Long Live Medical Tyranny for a while now, but administrative burdens around Corona restrictions and Brexit have been keeping me very busy… just as they are meant to!

But thankfully, I have freed myself from my administrative yolk long enough to put this information together for you. Please read it and share it because there will be no easy way for others to find this information unless you do.

And please know this… I am undoubtedly harming my business by publishing this information on my website. Google sees EVERYTHING. But, the truth and our well being are far more important to me than the profitability of my business… truth and well being are what Wild As The Wind is all about.

However, whilst I run the risk of disappearing from search engine results pages forever through sharing this information, you, by contrast, will not be so adversely affected. Your online presence will not be harmed if you pass this information on. So please share it with EVERYONE!

I will also share it, but Facebook has already advised me that my reach has been severely restricted due to having a number of third party posts taken down on the basis they ‘contravene community standards’.

One was about the therapeutic benefits of Vitamin C for Viral Infections, and another was around the dangers of certain vaccinations. Only yesterday I had a post about mask wearing receive a ‘False Information’ warning, with the content clouded out, but still clickable, despite appearing to be anything but…


Here’s the actual video so you can decide for yourself if it has merit or not. This chap is a real doctor trying to reveal the truth about masks…

Freedom Of Speech Is Dead, Long Live Medical Tyranny

This article is all about taking a look at the big picture where news delivery and news content diversity is concerned… joining the dots to reveal the real truth of the situation.

The mainstream news is chock-full of information about people dying and that vaccines are our only hope. Discussions revealing how relieved everyone is because vaccines have been released are being featured everywhere, unconstrained by the boundaries of the news, spilling over into normal programmes… Radio 2 and 6 Music regularly allow phone-ins and features to be hijacked by talk of vaccines and health passports… all glowing and often effusive!

All this amid the stark absence of any mainstream news coverage or radio programmes discussing the importance of diet and supplementation to build up natural immunity. There has been no mention of how to boost our immunity in even the simplest of ways. There’s been no talk of herbalism, homoeopathy or all of the antiviral essential oils and antibacterial essential oils which are available to support immunity. There is clearly ZERO balance to news reporting… at all!

This is an immense disservice to the populace for which there should be an enquiry, with those who have failed in their duty to serve the public made accountable for their gross deficits.

And just for the record, the fact checkers used by platforms like Facebook are fundamentally flawed. There are so many conflicts of interest, vested interests in specific outcomes, and tech giant funding of fact checking sites that it makes a nonsense of everything… There’s proof of this in the second Full Measure video entitled ‘Follow The Money’ below, as well as in the video which immediately follows..

This Who Checks The Fact Checkers? video highlights a lawyers take on what is going on… Explanations about the quality of Facebook’s fact checking start after 10 minutes.

The Internet Is Key For News Delivery

More, now than ever, we need the internet to be impartial and respect freedom of speech. Each passing year we rely more heavily on the internet for the creation and delivery of news, so we increasingly need the information we are being delivered to be balanced and as objective as possible…

Ofcom, the regulatory body for the communications industry, published the following findings in 2019. Clearly these statistics were collated before any lock downs took place.

Ofcom :: News Consumption in the UK: 2019 

  • 49% of all adults say they use social media for news vs. 44% in 2018
  • 83% of young people aged 16-24 are more likely to use the internet for news
  • 82% of people from a minority ethnic background are more likely to use the internet for news

Of those using social media for news nowadays, three-quarters claim to use Facebook, with around one third using Twitter and three in ten using WhatsApp and Instagram. Compared to 12 months ago, more social media news users claim to be using WhatsApp for news (from 22% to 30%), Instagram (from 21% to 28%) and Snapchat (from 14% to 17%), while Reddit has also gone up slightly (from 4% to 6%), but Facebook has remained steady at 73%.

When social media users were asked how they find out about news when they are online, 41% said they mostly get news from social media posts. In addition, an increasing proportion of social media users are actively consuming news across a range of different news posts, being more likely to do things such as make comments, share or retweet content. However some still struggle to remember the original source of the news stories posted on social media.

Men are more likely to use Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Reddit and Viber than women, while women are more likely to use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat than men.

News Consumption Post Corona

According to Nielsen, marketing data specialists:

All over the world, people have flocked online as a key news source to understand the latest updates on the COVID-19 global health pandemic. For media sellers, this means audiences are growing, and for ad buyers, reaching their desired and highly engaged audience has never been easier.

Ofcom :: News Consumption in the UK: 2020

Thankfully, there is a decline, (if marginal), in the consumption of news via social media in 2020. Could this indicate a loss of faith in these platforms for the delivery of accurate and balanced news? Or, is it because news was being so heavily censored on these platforms in 2020?

TV remains the most-used platform for news (75%), followed by the internet (65%). However, compared to 2019, fewer adults claim to use social media (45%) for news and it has returned to 2018 levels. Use of TV is most prevalent among the 65+ age group (92%), while the internet is the most-used platform for news consumption among 16-24s (79%) and those from minority ethnic groups (74%)

Additional Reading

OFCOM :: Covid-19 news and information: consumption and attitudes

Alternative Health Sites Are Being De-Platformed

Leading complementary health websites are being unceremoniously slung off social media sites… permanently losing their accounts which they have worked tirelessly to establish over the years.

Many complementary health businesses have advertised heavily to achieve user Likes and social media account prominence. All of the thousands of hours and thousands of pounds invested have been lost in an instant when the social media platforms pulled the plug.

Many alt-health sites are scrambling to alternative platforms which promise less censorship and a desire to uphold freedom of speech… but the big tech giants are giving them the big squeeze!

Parler isn’t the only platform to be lost. AllSocial, which heavily resembled Facebook, (minus the fact checkers), disappeared, never to return, in the autumn of last year.

Now BitChute and Telegraph are being put under immense pressure… only time will tell if they pop…

Biggest Alt-Health Site In The World Ousted From Facebook

Dr. Josh Axe is a very personable naturopathic doctor who is married to a personal trainer. They have been referred to as the Ken and Barbie of the alt-med world. They had an adorable baby girl in 2019.

Josh Axe is anything but controversial. He has simply been sharing what he has learned as a doctor with his massive online audience… Or, at least, that was the case until he hit the headlines for finally causing some controversy for the first time in his life!

Dr. Josh Axe Got Axed From Facebook

This will not end. If you go against the grain of accepted narratives, if you offer health options outside the pharmaceutical paradigm, you will eventually face the ruthless fist of censorship from the technocrats that are hijacking the internet.

Dr. Axe is one of the more tame health channels, he doesn’t speak about anything radical, he offers natural health advice. But apparently according to Facebook he was providing misinformation.

Wild As The Wind is still on Facebook… but only just…!
I posted this article 24 hours prior to taking this screen shot. The post didn’t generate a content preview or show any images, as is customary when a link is published on a FB post. Because of this I had to modify the post, adding a blue clickable link at the beginning of the text. This post has one share, 7 comments, and has 59 engagements but has only been seen by 76 people. Wild As The Wind has hundreds of subscribers. It is unheard of that a post getting this much interaction has so little reach!
Freedom Of Speech On Facebook

Why We Should Be More Careful With Our Data

It seems that all of the amazingly brave work and actions of people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have passed a lot of people by.

This is not only a grave shame, it is potentially the precursor to the ultimate cause of the biggest loss of civil liberties and human rights ever witnessed in human history.

The irresponsibility of the many have placed EVERYONE at risk.

The tech giants have no regard for our privacy because our personal data makes them ALL POWERFUL.

Online Censorship

Google and YouTube Will Pay Record $170 Million for Alleged Violations of Children’s Privacy Law

The tech giants enjoy monopolistic status, which despite anti-trust legal challenges against Google, from the European Parliament and over 40 states in the USA, the birthplace of many of these tech behemoths, they remain blithely unaffected.

In fact, rather than feel in any way inhibited by certain sizeable factions of the world’s population pushing back against their unbridled and unconstitutional powers, the tech giants like Facebook, Bing (Microsoft) and Google are censoring freedom of speech online and unraveling the fabric of democracy around the world.

Tech giants are not arbiters of fairness. Tech giants are in business to make money and exercise their own mandates. Google has been exposed for manipulating search results time and again, and has been ordered to pay millions in compensation for doing so. Facebook is being accused of the same, but both remain brazen in the face of undeniable proof.

Just watch this 20 minute presentation by the British Investigative Journalist and author, Carole Cadwalladr, entitled Facebook’s role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy

The Censorship Issue Has Come To A Head

I am a pacifist, and abhor violence. So, I in no way condone the actions of those who stormed the capital after Biden was declared winner of the US election.

I am also no fan of Donald Trump.

However, I am a staunch advocate of the freedom of speech, and this latest incident is being used to kill it dead for the foreseeable future… We MUST NOT let that happen!

Many are embracing this new censorship, because they wish to control rather than tolerate, and because they fail to see the panoramic implications of silencing a particularly irksome voice.

Let’s not forget, Trump narrowly lost this latest election and he won the one before. His voice reflects the thoughts of almost half of the the population of the most powerful nation on earth. In silencing Trump we silence them. And in silencing them, we hide from plain sight all of the potential threats and dangers the maladaptive thinking of this huge cohort poses to the rest of society.

Plus, any form of censorship sets a very dangerous precedent. When we start placing caveats on free speech democracy is over!

A few have spoken out against the violation of free speech this tragic incident has spawned. Even Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, expressed grave concern via his Twitter feed on January 13, 2021…

“Having to take these actions fragment the public conversation. They divide us. They limit the potential for clarification, redemption, and learning. And sets a precedent I feel is dangerous: the power an individual or corporation has over a part of the global public conversation.

Sadly, I believe this rampant censorship along with the termination of Parler, a transglobal social media platform, which was one of the most downloaded apps in 2020, amounts to the profoundly cynical exploitation of tragic events in order to further clench the fist of digital control held by the big league corporate players within the digital space.

The Google’s, Facebook’s and Amazon’s of this world can very clearly see how their empire’s will fall… and cynical moves like the de-platforming of a popular forum that champions free speech whilst threatening to undermine their comprehensive control will be dealt with swiftly and effectively… Queen of Hearts style…

Off with their heads.

The following video contains an interview with another Google whistleblower, Zachary Vorhies, who specifically left Google to speak out about their censorship practices.


Modern Medicine Controls The Mainstream Media

In this section of this article I will appear to digress… but sadly, I am only illustrating another facet of the same issue…

What is so important for us to realise now is that we have made ‘modern medicine’ somewhat omnipotent. We have allowed it to be one of the leading advertisers in the mainstream media, which in turn confers incredible powers… most markedly, the power to heavily influence the mainstream news narrative.

I raise this issue in an article about the apparent dangers of Retinol despite it’s liberal use within the skincare industry.

…no matter the industry, the fact is that profit is being put before people EVERY TIME. And, sadly, this even includes our current medical model, which, when all is said and done, is being driven by the egregiously profiteering pharmaceutical industry…

Isn’t it time we routinely question what we are being told by the people who stand to profit most from our ignorance?

As well as questioning the narrative, it’s also important to follow the money… “Advertising spending by the pharma industry in the US alone was $6.4 billion” in 2018, according to Nielsen, a leading global information & measurement company.

In 2019, Lindsey Tanner wrote the following in the Associated Press News:

Ads for prescription drugs appeared 5 million times in just one year, capping a recent surge in U.S. medical marketing, a new analysis found. 

The advertisements for various medicines showed up on TV, newspapers, online sites and elsewhere in 2016. Their numbers soared over 20 years as part of broad health industry efforts to promote drugs, devices, lab tests and even hospitals. 

The researchers estimated that medical marketing reached $30 billion in 2016, up from $18 billion in 1997. Spending on consumer-focused ads climbed fastest. But marketing to doctors and other health professionals still grabbed the biggest share with the bulk of it paying for free drug samples.

I conclude thus…

When one industry, namely the media, is so reliant on the revenue of another industry, in this case big pharma, then that industry is afforded unprecedented power of influence over the narrative of the day.

Perhaps this is why coverage of the Corona story was spearheaded by the business news channels before being picked up by general news…? Surely this would indicate a commercial imperative behind the narrative, as does all the talk about the use of improperly tested vaccines

Couple this marriage of convenience between mainstream media and modern medicine with the entry of big tech into healthcare delivery, replete with their known predilection for censoring dissenting voices, and you can see how a totalitarian state is born. And, one in which even the sovereignty of our bodies is under threat!

Health freedom is a fundamental right, so why are modern medical modalities being made mandatory?

Big Tech Has Captured Modern Medicine

There is no more proof needed than the patently clear indicator big tech has bought into medical healthcare delivery than the omnipresence of Bill Gates in the debate around the SARs Covid Vaccine.

I discuss the dire implications of Bill Gates being the key funder of the World Health Organisation, and his wholesale investment in vaccine development in We Are Being Played & Vaccines Will Be Our Reward. Please read this important article to understand why affording an unelected individual, with no medical training, carte blanche to influence medical healthcare delivery, is one of the most dangerous consequences of living in an age where money talks louder than sense!

Neo Liberal Capitalism has a lot to answer for!

In I’m the Google whistleblower. The medical data of millions of Americans is at risk the following statement is chilling…

When I first joined Nightingale I was excited to be at the forefront of medical innovation. Google has staked its claim to be a major player in the healthcare sector, using its phenomenal artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools to predict patterns of illness in ways that might some day lead to new treatments and, who knows, even cures. Here I was working with senior management teams on both sides, Google and Ascension, creating the future. That chimed with my overall conviction that technology really does have the potential to change healthcare for the better. But over time I grew increasingly concerned about the security and privacy aspects of the deal. It became obvious that many around me in the Nightingale team also shared those anxieties.

But, this is, of course, only the latest manifestation of how technologies are driving the modern medical trajectory.

The following is an excerpt from :: How emerging technologies are driving a revolution in healthcare

Robotics surgery, virtual nursing assistants, disease diagnoses … and so much more, the digital health landscape is today something that Scotty would be proud of – and there’s a lot more to come. From Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality, if we want to see where emerging technologies are having the biggest impact, healthcare has to be in the running. So just how are industry enterprises taking advantage of these complex, but increasingly must-have, technologies today – and what does the near future hold? Read on!

But, despite this and the fact that the US is the most powerful nation on earth, more babies die in America than any other Western country, and healthcare delivery standards of the US are considered to be equivalent to the healthcare provisions of Slovenia.

Plus, US healthcare has a tendency to bankrupt it’s patients, which surely can’t be good for anyone’s health?

A new study from academic researchers found that 66.5 percent of all bankruptcies were tied to medical issues —either because of high costs for care or time out of work. An estimated 530,000 families turn to bankruptcy each year because of medical issues and bills, the research found.11 Feb 2019
For those who haven’t quite figured it out… the point I’m making here is that we are putting profits before the welfare of people… And, then there’s this to drive the message home…

Pricey Technology Is Keeping People Alive Who Don’t Want to Live

Some medical technology is improving life and worsening death.

And finally on this point, as featured in the ultimate article of the Covid-19 Crash series… a supremely important discussion between Glen Greenwald, Edward Snowden et al.

Glen Greenwald, who aided Julian Assange, and Wikileaks, to deliver a huge amount of data to the public, including the video which showed Reuters journalists being knowingly gunned down by the US Military, draws our attention to the following…

…we are being trained to see each other as “vectors of something deadly”, instead as friends and neighbours.

This is the old divide and rule principle very much taken to it’s logical conclusion. It is divide and rule in it’s most extreme form.

This really is a must see video:

Covid-19 Crash Update

Wealth & Power Is the Driver

I make the case for greed being the precursor of the move toward a more totalitarian state in my recent article :: Our Economy Is Way More Sick Than Us!  

And, this incredibly well researched article in The Intercept, by James Risen, offers a real clue as to what is really going on during Covid-19 lockdown.

It amply serves to illustrate our inexorable move towards totalitarianism…

Under Cover of Covid-19, Donald Trump Ramps Up His War on Truth-Tellers

Freedom of speech is fundamental to civil liberties! This is why the fight for Julian Assange is so incredibly important on a political level as well as on a human and personal level.

Some Solutions

The Brilliant Naomi Klein

Russel Brand mentions the great insights and ‘solutions based thinking’ of Naomi Klein.

We Are The Many!

Whilst we tend not to be great are protecting our personal data we thankfully remain forever nosey… so, if it looks like a news story is being thwarted by the tech giants, then we clearly have an unending desire to get to the bottom of it!

An article in The Economist, Social media’s struggle with self-censorship, begins…

Tech giants are removing more content, but are they making the right choices?

And quickly moves onto the Hunter Biden story…

Within hours of the publication of a New York Post article on October 14th, Twitter users began receiving strange messages. If they tried to share the story—a dubious “exposé” of emails supposedly from the laptop of Hunter Biden, son of the Democratic presidential nominee—they were told that their tweet could not be sent, as the link had been identified as harmful. Many Facebook users were not seeing the story at all: the social network had demoted it in the news feed of its 2.7bn users while its fact-checkers reviewed it.

If the companies had hoped that by burying or blocking the story they would stop people from reading it, the bet did not pay off. The article ended up being the most-discussed story of the week on both platforms—and the second-most talked-about story was the fact that the social networks had tried to block it.

Nice work everybody!

We Will Not regain Our Democracy By Playing The Same Game As Them

We are the many didn’t fare so well with GameStop…

Whilst the GameStop story made for an interesting and entertaining aside, and had an outcome with a twist that some wouldn’t have guessed beforehand, (there’s an idea for a movie in there somewhere!)…. any cynical soul that has realised that democracy is long since dead, could have revealed, with exorcet accuracy, exactly what would happen…

A recent article in Open Democracy :: Trump’s election didn’t cause the GameStop surge. They are symptoms of the same problem :: led with this opening comment:

Both Trump voters and Redditors saw a chance to fight back against a system they believe is rigged against them.

Open Democracy have written a great precis of the story, so I’ll just copy that here:

The extraordinary GameStop story started in the middle of January, when a group of people on the ‘WallStreetBets’ subreddit (WSB) noticed that stock in GameStop – a US chain of videogame stores – was undervalued because some hedge fund managers were holding incredibly large short positions.

These Redditors decided to buy the stock to force the hedge fund managers to cover their shorts, which would drive the price higher, meaning the Redditors could sell for a large profit.

Short squeezes happen all the time – usually a result of rival hedge fund managers attacking each other. This time, though, it was a case of David vs Goliath – and David was winning. The opportunity to join the fight and use the financial system to fight the establishment was very appealing, as the trading volume shows.

The thing is boys…. the system IS absolutely rigged against you, so you will never beat them at their own game! You were just playing by their rules for as long as they were willing to let you!

Very quickly, the establishment came to the defense of the hedge fund managers. Powerful brokerages including Robinhood, TDAmeritrade, and WeBull halted buy orders, which meant retail traders [not brokers or hedge-funders] could only sell their positions. These actions drove share prices down from highs of almost $500 on Thursday 25 January – up from around $20 at the start of the month – to $193 by 28 January.

Other companies took drastic measures too. Discord de-platformed WSB – blaming hate speech on the subreddit – though it U-turned a day later and announced it would instead be helping to moderate the server. There were also attempts (since corrected) by the Financial Times to falsely connect WSB to the alt-right and the Capitol riot on 6 January 2021.

The upshot of it all? The establishment cheated the little gut in broad daylight! And, just as there’s no recourse for the businesses who invested heavily in platforms like Facebook, only to be turfed off when their hard work paid off and they got big enough to influence the narrative, there will be no recompense for all the amateur traders who lost their shirt on GameStop,  because the rentiers moved the goal posts when it looked like the amateurs were about to cleave back a tiny fraction of the trillions the establishment has defrauded the little people of since the introduction of Milton Freedman Neo Liberal Economics.

So, if we can’t beat them at their own game, (and who wants to anyway? The world that they imagine is certainly not the world I want to live in!) then we are going to have to do things differently. This means cutting off the fuel to their fire!

We stop buying their stuff.

We stop using their services.

We stop taking them seriously… an idea is only dangerous if we take it seriously.

Instead, how about we do the following?

  • Stop trying to make a quick buck at someone else’s expense.
  • Stop trying to circumvent the need for hard graft in appreciating conceivable gains…. it is the journey and not the destination which is the reward!
  • Stop manufacturing value in something which inherently has no value.
  • Learn that these pursuits will not make us happy.
  • Understand that greed is a mental illness.
  • Know that enough is enough in every sense of the phrase.
  • Learn that happiness is a feeling and not a thing!
  • Learn that taking responsibility is the most freeing thing we can do.
  • Learn that taking responsibility is us empowering ourselves with the ability to respond.
  • Learn that only through sharing and collaboration can we destroy the power behind ‘their’ efforts to divide and rule.
  • Learn that choosing tolerance and free speech will liberate us from our own desperate need to control as well as liberating us from those who would control.
  • To love another is the greatest risk we can ever take… so if you’re an adrenalin junkie you don’t need to free fall from a plane… just fall in love!

The Real Story

Dr Zach Bush is one of the most sane and optimistic voices within medical healthcare at the moment. This video is VITAL VIEWING for anyone who wants to understand why medicine needs to take a very different direction to the current course it is on.

A bit more Russell Brand…




The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils or associated products. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.

Deepen your knowledge by using the Wild As The Wind Recommended Resources

Another resource you may find useful can be found by following the link below. *Please note, I use sources from the Recommended Resources list as well as sources from the Healthcare and Skincare Information Sources list when researching articles for the Wild As The Wind Blog.

Best Healthcare and Skincare Information Sources.

Wild As The Wind use a number of resources when deciding which essential oil formulas to put together for optimal healing and efficacy, as well as to support any health claims we may make.

We use the industry ‘bible’ on essential oil safety: Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals [2nd Edition] by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, to establish the safety of the Wild As The Wind formulations.

We owe a particular debt to GreenMedInfo, and, of course, the teachings of Valerie Ann Worwood, Julia Lawless, Shirley Price and Patricia Davis.

Many of the scientific studies used to inform the claims made on this website are via GreenMedInfo, as well as via Dr. Josh Axe as well as, on the odd occasion, Dr. Eric Zielinski

Other resources include:

  • PubMed
  • WebMD
  • Robert Tisserand & Rodney Young
  • Dr. Robert Pappas
  • Dr. Maria Lis-Balchin
  • Robbi Zeck
  • Dr. Mercola


Rachel Wild

Reproduced with kind permission

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