from Songs of the Revolution

money transactions
records of sales
charities fashions
things made for underdeveloped esthetics
things made for profit and not for use
armies police
cleanliness the compulsion of a servant owning class
cashregisters the manufacture of cashregisters the
distribution of cashregisters iron mines steel pits
unions paper work trains trucks the transportation
of materials the making of machines that make the
cashregisters the girls in the bureauc looking at the
time clock cards making up pay checks building the
building that will house the manufacture of
cashregisters the salesman the shopkeepers and
the time destroyed o awful deed and the time that
is destroyed in filling and emptying the cashregisters
and counting the money and the electrical power
used by the electrical models and the burning of
oxygen help help the air is being destroyed by the
electrical cashregisters and time of the universe and
the flight of womenmen and the unique lives of all
the people who are living lives bondsmen to the
cashregister business world

and the mints and the miners and the makers of money

and the whole world of finance

and all the girls who work in
the sterilized offices and whose
breasts are covered

the advertising industry
and the telegraphic industry
whose telegrams announce the
closing prices of stocks

the famous kept press
and all books written solely to make money

and the constant need
of the material blinded society
to wear new clothes
the growing flax of silk cotton the
manufacture of synthetic fabrics
the lives eaten up by the mills and the soil
for the fashion freak industry
everything money dictates is wrong

and when the money goes so does the state
because the state exists to protect the money
not me not you





Julian Beck

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