A murder of Crows 3

A few weeks ago, pretty much out of the blue, Ian Presuming Edmondson sent me a copy of  “A Murder of Crows” by Edward Barker, who was a former Editor of International Times along with Mick Farren.  Only five hundred numbered books were printed and finding a copy is pretty impossible. Hopefully we will be putting the whole book up on IT online magazine over the coming weeks. In our opinion Edward Barker was the greatest British underground cartoonist.   So we continue with serie two og the book Four more cartoons from the magic pen of Edward Barker.


So here we are with part 3 with an extra cartoon of Mick Farren And Edward Barker on leaving International Times….



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    1. Hi, I came across your web site today and feel it is only right to point out a big mistake on your page about the late Edward Barker. I worked at IT in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I also lived with Edward Barker for nearly 2 years. The photograph you have printed titled “Edward Barker” is of another late, good friend of mine Steve Porter who became Steve Peregrine Took of Tyrannosaurus Rex with Marc Bolan. Please correct this and if you want a photo of the late Edward Barker I am sure I can find one for you.
      All the best,

      Comment by Brenda Anderson-Browne on 25 July, 2017 at 3:30 pm
    2. Hi

      Steve actually spelled his surname Peregrin Took (without the extra E). The photo was taken circa 1972 by Keith Morris, by which point Took had long since left Tyrannosaurus Rex and had been working on his own songs as a frontman/solo artist.
      At that particular point he was under the management of Tony Secunda (previously sacked as Bolan’s manager) and working on demos of his songs for a solo album for Warner Brothers in the basement of Secunda’s flat. The finished album never emerged but tarted-up versions of the raw demos were released on Cleopatra Records in 1995.


      Comment by David Mantell on 14 December, 2019 at 11:52 am

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