An Art For Our Time

10 June 2016, 7-10pm
The London Edition Hotel
10 Berners Street London W1T 3NP






Collage is a Mash Up! The Mash-Up is a fact of modern society. Collage is an art form truly accessible to all, thus: Collage is An Art for Our Time.

Collagistes Collective and Creative Debuts present works from 10 Contemporary Collagistes based in London, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Anyone can collage! The central components of analogue collage are hand-cut pieces of paper: sourced from magazines, journals, newspapers.

You’ll arrive at #AnArtForOurTime and find the #LiveCollageWall which gives the opportunity for everyone present to be involved in the creation of a new collage. Source materials, scissors and adhesive will be available, enabling you to cut and paste onto the #LiveCollage Wall!

There’ll be plenty of fun to be had as you create and collage together. The results will be beautiful and strange!

#AnArtForOurTime incorporates the first London demonstration of the prototype iCODA App, an App which mashes-up and collages your images in response to sound, on smartphone, soon, on screen. Go HERE for the ICODA image sets Event Page, where you’ll find instructions on how to add your own images, then: when you come to London Editions, watch on screen as the digital collages unfold, in real time. If you’re present; you’ll be among the first people ever to see This App in action!



(adapted from the collectives’s press materials)


The London Edition Hotel
10 Berners Street
London W1T 3NP United Kingdom

Friday, 7-10pm


by Dervin Batarlo
Image courtesy of the artist and Collagistes Collective

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