Uncanny Valley III

It doesn’t end there.
Techniques based on a smooth plastic casing
Outlive the universe.
Regular repeating patterns
Due to contact with additional elastic boundary-state
Exert a grip that is firm but gentle
You can say (sad though it is) it’s only recently
That we slip through a doorway into an antique coffee bar
Where we lounge around using the technology at our disposal
Like the microbes in your home.

True, only in the past few years…
Constantly coming into contact…
A sorry state of affairs.

Collateral damage, like social evidence, or a
Stone Age equivalent of life under fire.
For the record,
Perhaps they were just having a lark.
You got long have you?
Drop talking sort of palaeo-futuristic
Enhancing death jargon
In this exploding nursery of rhymes
Ecstatic submissive…. have you…?

A.C. Evans
Illustration Nick Victor

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