Arts in Albion in Our Time

From Michael Horovitz / New Departures / PO Box 9819, W2 5LH


Oyez, Oyez, dear friends known & unknown, there follow some brief indications of new awakenings, hopefully in store for practitioners, lovers & megaphoners around the Arts in Albion in Our Time: –


   Serpentine – Elephantine – TURPENTINE! by Michael Horovitz

    Picture-Poem #65 (56 x 76cm – print edition of 100)


             Repro of Oil Painting of ‘Shelley – The Sensitive Plant’

                                        by Michael Horovitz                                                       


             The Saxman Cometh

             Jazz Paintry in Oils by Michael Horovitz


If thereto inclined, do come & see a selection of my BOP Art, Prints, Drawings, Paintings, Collages & Picture-Poems, on show from Tuesday 6th July this year thru Sunday 25th July, in The Corridor of The Chelsea Arts Club, 143 Old Church Street (Fulham Road end) London SW3 6EB.

There will be a Vernissage in this Corridor from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Tuesday July 6th – & hopefully, also a Finissage during the show’s last week, in either the beautiful Garden of CAC or again in the Corridor, on one of the Exhibition’s last few days (tbc as soon as it becomes definite).

But meanwhile, it needs You(s) &/or your most Arts-appreciative mates & relatives to RSVP for the Tuesday 6th July PV ASAP, as the spaces of humans that will comfortably fit must perforce be limited. From roughly 7.30pm to 8-ish there will be an interlude of performance poetry & music by Michael.

In Vol. 98, Issue 1 of the Bulletin of the John Rylands Library

Journal, an article by M H on ‘William Blake & (Some of) His Friends in Our Time’ is scheduled to appear. This will be a
Special issue on ‘The Artist of the Future Age: William Blake, Neo-Romanticism, Counterculture and Now’.

Please watch out for – & spread – similar news for or from this space for further announcements,

Wishing each of you fullest fillment of whatever you might most wish for yourselves, as ever, yours sincerely,




Michael Horovitz


([email protected])


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