AVOIDING EARTH-XIT  A FREE Economy Freeing Up Society In Audio


The following talks unpack some of the existing roadmap features to taking back control of the economy and replacing dependency upon money and those that control it. AVOIDING EARTH-XIT was a series of talks for the Sustainability On Sea Festival. Hastings 2019. The features mentioned are more thoroughly examined in the book –

‘A Chance For Everyone: The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy’ by Kendal Eaton

LIVE RECORDINGS BELOW (also available in the link above). 

The book is available on Amazon in hardcopy & Kindle; or FREE in PDF-WORD-MOBI-EPUB downloads, or pay what you wish here

Quotations from Harry Cleaver; Noam Chomsky; Karl Marx; Tejvan Pettinger; Laura Gottesdiener; Ada Colau;
Wikipedia & various organisations have been slightly detuned to distinguish from the narrative.























By Kendal Eaton


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