BaNG BaNG ! The Lights Go Out !

Backstabbers, turncoats, double dealers, Judas,
Snaky stool pigeons
Remove your masks
And dance! Dance like the devil!
The families of the dead will raise their heads!
In the Mississippi heat a wife beating pansy and neo Nazi disciple of
the Fourth Reich flower toxic KKK HATE
Send in the back slappin’ finger tappin’ ENTERTAINERS
Will it be titti leaks or wiki leaks
Who wins?
TV eyes on you
And a Glock 9
Aimed at the stars and stripes
When she reveals her left breast to camera
Flashes that showbiz grin
And waves Uncle Sam’s flag
You know you’ll be hypnotized
Don’t worry there’s 56 channels to help you decide
Pop star sloganeering electrifies
Sing a long never – stop be satisfied
And a giant sized pink bunny will tell you
“Pitch your universe with Captain Underpants!”
And dance! America dance!


Saira Viola
Illustration: Elena Caldera

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