Cease & Resist – Sonic Subversion & Anarcho Punk In The UK 1979​-​86

This is the sound of attitude, argument, resistance and revolt, birthed long after the first punks came into view, owing as much to DIY bedroom experiment as ‘punk’ music. Anarcho Punk was more to do with politics than music, and if it at times it became simplistic propaganda, it never failed to provoke discussion and encourage the alternative networks of concerts, fanzines and music that existed at the time, pre-internet of course.

If at times the scene was reduced to slogans painted on knackered leather jackets, ripped jeans and spiked hair, it also produced surprisingly poppy music at times, and also the ‘sonic subversion’ or Crass and their associates like Annie Anxiety, both featured here. Anxiety’s track here, ‘Hello Horror’ is a still shocking aural collage, in total contrast to the accessible pop punk of Zounds, who kick off the compilation.

Elsewhere most of the music on here, even the Crass track, is more simplistic thrash, although synthesizer sounds beam into The Hit Parade’s contribution, Andy T declaims his poetry over abstract feedback and random radio, Alternative TV are just plain weird as usual, and the alternative version of The Mob’s classic ‘No Doves Fly Here’ is still achingly despairing and nihilist.

Whilst it’s disappointing that this compilation ignores the more experimental stuff Crass, Flux of Pink Indians (called Flux by then) and the Poison Girls released, this is neverthless a great double album, which is available from THE Optimo Records Bandcamp for just £10, with all profits being donated to Faslane Peace Camp and the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

BUY HERE: LINK   https://optimomusic.bandcamp.com/album/cease-resist-sonic-subversion-anarcho-punk-in-the-uk-1979-86?from=search&search_item_id=1078696940&search_item_type=a&search_match_part=%3F&search_page_id=2602140370&search_page_no=1&search_rank=5&search_sig=7e3bc17f7e0e711faecd93105cae7cc4

Andy T – Death is Big Business

Chumbawamba – Revolution (Liberation/Stagnation)

‘Don’t sit back, it’s time to act
This life is ours, let’s snatch it back
Even though we disagree
we share a common enemy
Our methods may not be the same
But together we can break the chain
Different aims, different means,
with common ground in between
Don’t sit back, it’s time to act
This life is ours, let’s snatch it back
The time has come to make a choice
Stop taking orders from His Master’s Voice!’

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