Creativities Passport*

Make night chocolate
Explore inside a float
Re-tell a hill
Teach like a pirate
Roll down a candle
Go to the moon
Walk barefoot on a self-portrait
Choreograph a share with investors
Make an exhibition look like a library
Make something that is taller than sand
Taste-test a story
Visit an art gallery and stay
Walk through a place of debate
Perform a heart poem
Pick litter in your air powered rocket
Learn a French story wet in the rain
Go home with an insect
See the sun and taste chapattis
Eat the stars
Write a hieroglyphics diary for a week
Visit a bridge and test its strength
Make a river
Eat something like a character from a book
Perform in front of leaf rubbings
Make a sandwich about your favourite film
Design and make a large scale model of worship
Write in a pond
Vote for a tree
Try yoga on a picnic
Experience a Victorian speech
Walk to the top of a piece of collage
Visit a small creature
Make something out of a wood puppet

[*] Found the Education Secretary Damien Hind’s ‘Activities Passport’


Mike Ferguson
Illustration: Claire Palmer

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